Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Comic Con, the Web and Beyond

So, it's been a long Autumn, but somehow we've made it to New Orleans Comic Con, now only days away. I have lots of new JOB swag, like stickers, t-shirts, posters, bookmarks, patches, and undies that will be on sale this weekend, along with, more importantly, JOB ISSUE 4: PROOF! The limited edition fourth issue of JOB goes on sale Friday after a marathon month-long art session and I am super excited about it.

Also, good news for everyone on the webfront. Over the next few weeks, I will slowly be posting JOB Issues 1-4 free online for your viewing pleasure. Oily Pelican will continue to produce sweet inky paper copies, but now there's even more ways to enjoy this awesome comic. Check out the chapters at the top of the site. Holla!